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Charlotte Sharpe wearing leopard print shirt

What I can help with

  • Anxiety

  • Identity

  • Depression

  • Major life changes/ events

  • Relationship issues

  • Perfectionism

  • Burnout

  • Low self-esteem

  • Destructive behaviours

  • Addiction

  • Grief and Loss

  • Sexuality

  • Abuse

  • Trauma

  • Self-harm

  • Suicidal thoughts

What working together might look like

  • How do I start? 
    I offer a free, no obligation, telephone introductory session. This 30-minute chat allows us to be introduced and you can ask me any questions you might have about therapy or the way I work. We will use this time to also start thinking about what you want from therapy and anything you feel is immediately relevant from your past. Following our conversation there is no commitment for you to book any further sessions with me, I understand how important finding the right therapist is. If it feels as if the skills of a colleague, or an alternative service might be better suited to your needs, I will always let you know. If you do decide that you'd like to begin working together we will book our first session at this point Our first session(s) will be slightly different from the rest of therapy as I will be doing a lot of the talking - we'll explore what brings you to therapy and what you want to gain from it. You can ask any questions and we will agree on a rough plan of what we will work on.
  • How long and how frequent are sessions?
    Sessions are typically one clinical hour (50 minutes) which is standard across the profession to allow for note-taking and preparation for the next client.   ​Clients usually reserve the same appointment time on a recurring weekly (or fortnightly) basis. I do understand clients have busy lives so try to be flexible with scheduling appointments and offer face-to-face, online, and telephone appointments. If you require more than one session a week this is also something that I can accommodate.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    The number of sessions you want is entirely up to you as I offer sessions on an open-ended basis. Most people start with six and I will do regular reviews to check in on how things are going and you can decide when it feels right to end.
  • What if I need to cancel or reschedule an appointment?
    I operate a 48-hour rescheduling and cancellation policy, which means I will not charge you any fee if you give me notice of 48 hours or more. Should you need to reschedule, I will try to offer a suitable time, however, if I am unable to I will ask for the full fee to be paid.
  • Will our sessions be confidential?
    The content of our sessions together is confidential. However, I am legally and professionally obliged to share information with third parties without your prior consent in the following circumstances: 1. If I am sufficiently concerned that you may harm yourself or someone else 2. Where children or vulnerable adults are deemed at significant risk of current harm (physical, sexual, psychological, or financial abuse) 3. Acts of terrorism 4. Drug or people trafficking 5. Where I am ordered to share information by a court of law
  • How do I pay for sessions? 
    You can make a bank transfer prior to the session or in cash during a session. I will provide you with my bank details at the relevant point.
  • Do you offer concessions?
    I do offer a few concessionary rate slots per week, please raise this with me during our consultation and we can discuss various options.

I am trained as an integrative therapist, allowing me to use a range of therapeutic tools to fit your individual needs and therapeutic goals. I believe it is important to view each person as a whole; therefore, my approach allows me to work holistically.

Depending on what makes sense to you, I will use a blend of therapeutic approaches:

Garden office

By reflecting back your thinking and asking questions we will process your experiences, helping you to gain clarity and deepen self-awareness before creating realistic goals and positive changes.

I think the best therapeutic work comes from a strong client-therapist relationship and so this will form part of our work together. Our relationship will be based on trust and mutual respect to enable an honest, non-judgemental environment. The work may, at times, be challenging as it can involve looking at and changing deep-rooted beliefs and behaviours which requires ongoing and open commitment. 

We can work together face-to-face in my garden office, pictured above, via Zoom or over the phone.

Qualifications & Experience

I have always been interested in people and have worked in the health and social care sector for the past decade. 


I have worked with a many different people therapeutically, on a one-to-one level and in groups, across a variety of settings including: low secure forensic units, prisons, female only rehabs and on an open-ended basis in private practice. For the past five years I have worked as a manager of an international private hospital in London and therefore have an understanding of the pressures on front-line clinical staff. 

I hold the following qualifications:

  • BACP accredited postgraduate diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy from the University of East London. ​

  • British Psychological Society (BPS) recognised Master of Science in Forensic Psychology from the University of Surrey. ​

  • BPS Bachelor of Science from Newcastle University. 

BACP Logo & registration number
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