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  • I am currently offering either face-to-face, online video, or telephone counselling.

  • 10% discount offered for block bookings of 6 sessions.

  • Book in your free, no obligation, telephone consultation below to get started. 

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Face-to-face therapy

Individual face-to-face-therapy from my office in Leatherhead, Surrey. This 50 minute traditional form of therapy allows you to leave your concerns behind once you close the door at the end of a session. It would work best for those who don't have a confidential space for online therapy within their home.


Telephone therapy

Individual therapy over the telephone. Best for those without reliable internet connection or whom might struggle to meet in person due to other commitments.

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Online therapy

Individual therapy via Zoom with greater flexibility and without the restriction of having to travel to me. These 50 minute sessions are ideal for those who don't live locally, have mobility issues, or who move around with work/life, but can still access a confidential space wherever they are.

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Offload the "Motherload"

Come and visit me at The Barn KT9 once a month to offload ‘The Motherload’. 

These groups will be an opportunity to talk about your own mental health and experience of mothering. The aim is to create a shared space for you, to connect with other mums and experience the power of the group. Ticket price includes a drink and cake from the cafe at The Barn KT9. Little people welcome. 

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Walking therapy

Coming soon...

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30 Min free initial consultation

Book your free, no obligation, telephone introductory session.

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